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How to light your dragon... The Lume Cube 2.0 is here!

I’ve been using Lume Cubes for many years. I loved the small square that punches out a massive amount of light. It was convenient, lightweight and was a major part of my wedding videography setup.
Now, years on and with a new avenue of photography (toys), I’m finding myself using them more and more. The size and power output are pretty spot-on for my toy photography needs. So when I was offered the opportunity to get my hands on one and play around with it, I jumped at it.
The review So now onto my review, I am using the Game of Thrones dragon, Viserion, from Macfarlane Toys.

Macfarlane Toys Game of Thrones Dragon Here, I'm going to try the low light capabilities and utilize the Lume-X app to integrate all three cubes together.

All these shots were made using Lume Cubes

Some updates and new features Here are a few key points I've picked up on the new Lume Cube 2.0:

They have made the charging light a lot more apparent. It is no longer the red “Predator target” lines that are bar…

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