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Between a brick and a hard place

Since starting on this toy photography path, I have been collecting and shooting articulating, action figures. If you listened to my interview on the podcast, I mentioned how I loved having a physical toy that reminds me of my youth. And although I didn’t say it in the interview or have shown it in my photography, I am a fan of LEGO.
I still have my LEGO from when I was a lot younger. A time when the LEGO car wasn’t as flashy as it is today, but more of a square box shape. The faces of the figures were all uniformed to the two eyes and smile, and the only way to differentiate the characters was by the headgear they wore. I had the old school fire station and Shell garage. The original Benny the spaceman. The construction site crane, light up police van and helicopter, to name a few.

I always wanted to take LEGO photos but never got around to it. It was the case of “I’ll get around to it” but never did. With all the action figures I had collected and photographed, I assumed that when I…

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