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The Toying with bright ideas series: Using the Sun as your main light source

So over the last little while, I have been watching a lot of Teletubbies, I find it rather relaxing… No, actually my youngest has become addicted. Now whether you have kids or not, you are all familiar with Teletubbies.
So after watching a few episodes, I noticed something had changed in the newer episodes. The lighting had had a serious upgrade.   

So in the past, I hadn’t noticed the lighting in particular (you probably wondering how much have you been watching… I ask myself the same question). The scenes were generally outdoors with the sun either shining straight onto or from the side of the characters. Using the sun as the main light source in the early to mid morning or mid to late afternoon gave a softer, less direct light, but you do have uneven light and shadows being cast across the faces. 
But now, they have revamped the lighting to a level that I can only describe as illuminating.

The colors are a lot brighter and vibrant and the overall shot looks a lot more polished. Compari…

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